Fruit Juices

Mint Lime Juice



7 teaspoon Sugar
400 ml Water
4 leaves of fresh Mint
Juice of one medium sized Lemon
1/5 portion of an Apple peeled and sliced in small pieces.


Dilute the sugar in the water.
Add everything else and put it in the mixer for a minute. The drink is ready.
If you like you can add a bit of orange peel or lemon skin in the mixer. Optional – sieve it. ( for 2 persons) You may try out with some other fruits (instead of apple) as well.

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  1. puspendu sain

    it is very simple recipe i ever seen in my life, i am a hotel mgt student , so i would like to prepare this one in my home. then i will send some other comment to yours.

  2. chandrasekhar

    minst leaves should be in more quantity.

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