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Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices

by Praveen Kumar

Keeping you cool in the blistering summer heat gets tedious as the days of summer gets longer and hotter. If you have to stay cool, then you may have to depend on a variety of alternative solutions ranging from icy-chilled beverages to air conditioners. But they all offer temporary relief from summer heat. So what if you get stricken by heat strokes and dehydration during the summer days? What to do to escape from the scorching summer heat? “Drinking plenty of water and eating a lot of fruits rich in vitamins and minerals” is the best answer one can offer for the above said questions.

Fruits and fruit juices seem to be the best remedies for beating the summer heat. The nature has endowed us with many ways of protecting ourselves from it’s own torments like the unbearable summer heat and the easiest option it put forward to us is to cool down eating fruits. When we consume fruits and fruit juices it will help us to lower our body heat and thereby helps us to keep ourselves fresh and active. The most unbearable aspect of the summer season is draining out of our body fluids in the form of sweat.

Fruits help us to cool ourselves from within and reduce fatigue and dehydration to a great extent. Include more fruits and juices in your diet plan for the summer season if you want to keep yourself healthy. Also replace your evening snacks with juicy fruits and the benefits you get are many. Fruit juices can be easily made at home and homemade juices are more pure, healthy and beneficial. Eating a diet rich in fruits has got numerous health benefits as it offers you a rich source of nutrients and minerals. It also helps in preventing diseases like heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, etc. Here is a list of 10 most popular summer fruits which helps to keep you rehydrated throughout the season.

Lemon juice can be easily made at home within minutes from the green oval fruit which makes it the cheapest and easiest option. Lemon juice can be flavoured as sweet, salty or both and is a good dehydrator. The lemon juice provides us with 29 kcal energy and helps us in controlling blood pressure. It also vitalizes the skin cells and brings a glow to it. Antioxidants in the lemon juice help to cleanse the skin and protect it from skin cancer. It also stimulates bile production.

lemon juice - Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices

lemon juice

Watermelon is a big green water filled fruit, which can be called as the fruit of the season and can be eaten raw or in a form of drink. It works better than any hydrating drink. The fruit is highly rich in vitamins, gives energy, acts as a protective shield, provides a cooling effect and most significantly re-hydrates the body. Watermelon offers solutions for skin problems and in flushing out uric acid, thereby reducing arthritis and gout.

watermelon slice - Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices


Pineapple is a yellow coloured, watery fruit which helps you stay hydrated in the scorching summer heat. It helps in easy digestion and hence is often preferred after a heavy meal. This fruit is also easily available in the season.

Pineapples - Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices

Pineapple Chunks

Tender Coconut is a fruit which is readily available in south India and tender coconut offers you a good energy drink. A glass of coconut water will help to keep you hydrated this summer. Coconut water offers you remedial solutions against degenerative diseases and premature ageing which are often the results of the presence of damaging free radicals. It also provides the electrolytes necessary for nerve transmission and muscle contraction.

tender coconut - Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices

Tender Coconut

Orange is a juicy citrus fruit which helps to keep you hydrated and revitalized especially during summer season. Like other citrus fruits, they are also rich in foliates, calcium, anti-oxidants, beta carotenes and B-complex vitamins. Orange juices are the best preferred after exerting activities.

Oranges - Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices


Papaya is a fruit which is highly rich in vitamins and minerals. The vitamin E content of the fruit is high enough to slow down the wrinkle formation thereby delaying the ageing process. The papain enzyme contained in the fruit acts as an exceptional agent for skin regeneration by removing dead skin to reveal the fresh and glowing skin. It has also got a cleansing effect on the colon.

raw papaya - Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices


Mosambi Juice also known as sweet lime juice provides us with a variety of benefits. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, copper and iron. It cures the problems associated with constipation and helps in easy digestion of food. It also prevents skin pigmentation, black spots and pimples. So, it offers a total solution to the beauty problems in the summer season by bringing a glow to the skin and fighting sun tan.

Mosambi Juice - Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices

Mosambi Juice (https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/122551147/)

Grape is a fruit which contains one of the maximum water content which is as high as 80% in addition to a variety of minerals and vitamins. This juice helps you stay cool and active when it is served in chilled form. This fruit offers you a great remedy for fighting heat strokes and exhaustion during summer season.

Grapes - Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices


Mangoes provide you with the best and juiciest way to beat the summer heat. It is the most popular summer fruit. As it is a seasonal fruit, it is easily available throughout the summer. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, C and E. The juice offers you the cold soothing effect which keeps you energized in the tiring summer heat. They increase iron absorption and improves the eyesight.

Banganaballi Mangoes - Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices

Banganaballi Mangoes

Pomegranate offers you a lot of energy during these dehydrating hot summer days. This fruit juice proves to be highly refreshing and rehydrating energizer. Excessive sweating leads to shortage of fluids which slows down muscle recovery process. This fruit, which is highly rich in vitamins and minerals, aids in muscle recovery process after vigorous exercises.

Pomegranate - Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits and Juices


Eating a lot of fruits and drinking plenty of fruit juices are the easiest ways for keeping yourself healthy and rehydrated to fight the unbearable summer heat. Enjoy the nature’s gift to mankind packed with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fibres’ and all those vital nutrients you need to sustain life on earth.

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