Bread Kulfi Recipe

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bread kulfi

Bread Slices – 4
Milk – 1 litre
Sugar – 2 tblsp
Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp
Cashewnuts – 1 tsp, finely chopped
Almonds – 1 tsp, finely chopped
Pistachios – 1 tsp, finely chopped
Butter – 1 tblsp
Honey – 1 tsp

1. Place the milk in a pan over medium flame.
2. Add butter and simmer until reduced in half.
3. Add bread slices, sugar, cashewnuts, almonds, pistachios and mix well.
4. When it starts to thicken, remove and cool.
5. Add vanilla essence and mix well.
6. Pour into kulfi moulds and freeze until set.
7. Just before serving, drizzle the honey on top.
8. Serve.

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