Til Papdi Recipe

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200 gms. White sesame seeds
150 gms. Sugar
4-5 pistachios sliced into thin slivers


Roast seeds very lightly just to refresh. Keep aside.
Heat sugar in a heavy pan, till just melted.
Add sesame, mix well, keep pan in a bowl of hot water.
Take a small portion at a time.
Flatten a bit with rolling pin.
Spinkle few slivers of pista on top.
Quickly roll as thin as possible.
To roll, grease palms, rolling pin and worksurface slightly.
Place over a clean plastic sheet to cool.
Place squares of plastic between each papdi.
Pile and cool completely before placing in airtight container.

Note: Make sure the mixture does not cool completely, or it will get brittle. Do not use water to make, or the papdis will become soggy and sticky. With a little practice and deftness, one can make paperthin papdis.

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