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Nilgiri Kurma

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1/2 kg Lamb/Mutton
6 Green Chillies
Cilantro one bunch
1 tbsp Ginger, garlic paste
1/4 tbsp Khuskhus
1/2 cup Curd
Coconut, a little
2 Red chillies
1/4 tbsp Turmeric
One pinch Garam masala
Cashew, a little
1/4 tbsp Sommbu
11/2 Onion
1 Tomato
Salt to taste


Marinate the mutton in curd for 1/2 hr
Grind 1 onion, green chilies, cilantro, curry leaves, ginger, garlic, khuskhus, coconut, little red chilli, garam masala, cashew,  and one tomato into a thick paste
Heat oil , put soomubu , fry the remaining half onion and then add the ground masala and fry well
Add the meat with the curd and water and cook well
You can add vegetable like potato , bean etc. as per taste

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