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Sandesh Diyas


1 litre milk
1/2 cup curds
2 slices well drained canned pineapple slices
3 tbsp. sugar

Heat milk till it starts to boil. Beat curds, add, stir till curdled.
Add more curds if required.
Take off fire, pour into a colander, lined with a muslin cloth.
Hold cloth securely, was contents of soft cheese with running water.
Press out excess water gently. Transfer soft cheese into a pan.
Add sugar, heat very lightly, till sugar melts.
Take off fire, cool till warm. Run in a mixie till mixture is very smooth.
Take into a plate. Run drained pineapple pieces also, till well crushed.
Press out excess liquid, add to plate. Mix well, chill till stiff, shape into solid diya shapes.
Use a hollow mould if required. Paint to highlight with foodcolour if desired.
Chill very well, store in lidded container in refrigerator.

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