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Peach Daiquiri

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Never use canned peaches in this drink. They don’t have enough flavour to make it as delicious as fresh or premium-quality frozen peaches. Also never peel peaches. The little flecks of skin add texture and “eye appeal.”


2 cups ice
1 large peach, pitted, quartered, and semifrozen
3 ounces gold rum
2 ounces peach schnapps
Juice of 2 limes
1 teaspoon superfine sugar


1. Combine all the ingredients in a blender.
2. Cover and pulse on and off until the mixture starts to swirl evenly.
3. Blend on high for 20 seconds, or until the drink is completely smooth.


MINT-STREAKED PEACH DAIQUIRI Add 1 tablespoon green mint syrup or green crème de menthe to the glass before pouring in the daiquiri. The syrup will rise up in streaks along the sides.

PAPAYA PEACH DAIQUIRI Omit the peach. Add ¾ cup fresh or drained canned papaya cubes before blending.

PEACHARINE DAIQUIRI Omit the peach. Add 1 nectarine, pitted and sliced, before blending.

PEACHCOT DAIQUIRI Omit the peach schnapps. Add 2 ounces apricot brandy before blending.

PEACHY LYCHEE DAIQUIRI Add 4 drained canned lychees before blending.

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