Tropical Delight

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A velvety-smooth, delicately scented drink without alcohol. This can be served at any time of day – and it’s delicious for breakfast.

Ingredients:tropical delight - Tropical Delight

2 large ripe mangoes

1 tbsp icing sugar

600ml/1 pint coconut milk

5 ice cubes

Flaked toasted coconut, to decorate


1. Peel the mangoes, coarsely chop the flesh and discard the stones.

2. Place the flesh in a blender with the sugar and blend until completely smooth.

3. Add the coconut milk and ice to the blender and process until frothy.

4. Pour into four tall glasses and sprinkle with flaked toasted coconut to serve.

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  1. A small doubt ………… the recipe about raw or ripe mangoes

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