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Josiah’s Bay Float


This is a wonderful cocktail for a special occasion in the summer. Designed for two to share, perhaps as engagement or a romantic alfresco dinner would be appropriate. For the more prosaic, serve in tall, chilled tumblers, rather than a pineapple shell.


Cracked ice cubes

2 measures golden rum

1 measure Galliano

2 measures pineapple juice

1 measure lime juice

4 tsp sugar syrup

Champagne, to top up

Scooped-out pineapple shell

Slice of lime and lemon

Cocktail cherries, to decorate


1. Shake the rum, Galliano, pineapple juice, lime juice and sugar syrup vigorously over the ice until well frosted.

2. Strain into the pineapple shell, top up with champagne and stir gently.

3. Decorate with lime and lemon slices and cocktail cherries and serve with two straws.

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