Sherry Cobbler Recipe

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A long drink made with syrup and fresh fruit garnishes, Sherry Cobbler is the original, but there are now numerous and often more potent variations.


6-8 cracked ice cubes

¼ tsp sugar syrup

¼ tsp clear Curacao

4 measures Amontillado


Pineapple wedges,

Twist of lemon peel, to decorate


1. Fill a wine glass with cracked ice. Add the sugar syrup and Curacao and stir until a frost forms.

2. Pour in the sherry and stir well. Decorate with pineapple wedges speared on a cocktail stick and the lemon twist.

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One thought on “Sherry Cobbler

  1. ruth said on July 21, 2010 at 10:36 am

    i would like to receive as many recipes as poss, my husband is retiring in a month and its is we like to throw a bloc party for him…and i would like to get as many recipes for drinks that i can..pls pls share some of your recipes,,many thanks ruth

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