Mai Tai

Published under: Cocktails

This cocktail always inspires elaborate decoration- sometimes so much so that you can be in danger of stabbing your nose on a cocktail stick when you are trying to drink it. If you want to go completely over the top with decorations – and why not – serving the drink with one or two long, colorful straws might be a good idea.


4-6 cracked ice cubes

2 measures white rum

2 measures dark rum

1 measure clear Curacao

1 measure lime juice

1 tbsp orgeat

1 tbsp grenadine

Slices of pineapples,

Cocktail cherries,

Orchid, to decorate


1. Put the cracked ice cubes into a cocktail shaker.

2. Pour the white and dark rums, Curacao, lime juice, orgeat and grenadine over the ice. Shake vigorously until frosts forms.

3. Strain into a chilled Collins glass and decorate with pineapple and cherries, adding an orchid if desired.

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