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The individual ingredients of this cocktail, including liquors and fresh juice vary considerably from one recipe to another, but all Zombies contain a mixture of white, golden and dark rum in varying proportions.


4-6 crushed ice cubes

2 measures dark rum

2 measures white rum

1 measure golden rum

1 measure triple sec

1 measure lime juice

1 measure orange juice

1 measure pineapple juice

1 measure guava juice

1 tbsp grenadine

1 tbsp orgeat

1 tsp Pernod

Sprigs of fresh mint and

Pineapple wedges, to decorate


1. Put crushed ice in a blender with all but the mint and pineapple.

2. Blend until smooth.

3. Pour, without straining, into a chilled Collins glass and dress with mint and a wedge of pineapple.

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