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Singapore Sling


In the days of British Empire, the privileged would rather at their clubs in the relative cool of the evening and sip a Singapore sling. Times may change, but it is still the ideal thirst-quencher on a hot summer’s evening.

Ingredients:singapore sling

2 measures gin

1 measure cherry brandy

1 measure lemon juice

1 tsp grenadine

4-6 cracked ice cubes

Soda water

Lime peel and cocktails cherries, to decorate.


  1. Shake the gin, cherry brandy, lemon juice and grenadine vigorously over ice until well frosted.
  2. Half fill a chilled highball glass with cracked ice cubes and strain in the cocktail.
  3. Top up with soda water and dress with lime peel and cocktail cherries.

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