Chocolate Coffee


Chocolate 200 grams
Instant coffee powder 4 teaspoons
Milk 4 cups
Powdered sugar 4 teaspoons
Cream  (whipped) ½ cup
Chocolate vermicelli (optional) 2 teaspoons
1. Break chocolate into small pieces. Put them in a bowl. Add one cup of milk, coffee powder and sugar. 
2. Keep the bowl in Microwave oven on HIGH (100%) for one minute. Take the bowl out and mix well. Put the mixture in a blender and blend. Add remaining milk and some ice cubes and blend again.
3. Pour the mixture into glasses. Put some whipped cream on top. Garnish with chocolate vermicelli and serve immediately.

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  1. recipe videos

    Very easy yet so good. An awesome way to enjoy my 2 favorite things on earth, coffee and chocolate.

  2. Thank you a great recipe. Today I made coffee for my wife – she was thrilled!

  3. khushboo rao

    nyc r….its quite yummmmmmy

  4. as i try this recipe its very tasty and very easy to make this. i love the recipe 1st i thank for u and this recipe

  5. as i try this its easy to make and very tasty, every one like this coffee. 1st thanks for u and ur’s recipe

  6. I have made this recipe and it turned out to be very tsty. thanks for the recipe..

  7. it task and Method is good.
    thanks for lovely coffee

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