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Barley Dosa

by Pooja Verma

Rice – 1 cup
Barley – 1 cup
Black gram(Uzhunnu/Urad dal) – 1 cup
Salt – As reqd
Olive oil or sesame oil  

Preparation Method
1)Soak the rice, barley and urad overnight or atleast for 8 hrs.

:- The barley takes a long time to soak.

2)Grind the urad dal separately first and then the rice and barley together with water only as much as needed so as to not make it too

3)When the batter is smooth and done, mix the urad and the rice barley batter together.

4)Add the salt and let it undisturbed in a warm place for around 8 hrs.

5)When the batter rises, mix gently, adjust the water consistency and take a ladle and pour it on the tava.

:- If u like it crispy pour it a little cold (from the fridge).

6)Pour olive or sesame oil around the sides and leave it on low-medium flame.

7)Once brown and cooked, remove it without overturning it.

:- Do not touch the dosa till its done or it tears on the sides.

:- Serve hot with peanut chutney or any chutney.

:- Healthy breakfast for kids and adults.

:- Can substitute white rice with brown rice also.

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