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Sonth Panak


4 tsp. wheat flour
125 gms. Jaggery grated
1 tbsp. ginger powder (soonth)
1 tbsp. grated dried coconut
1 tbsp. almonds pounded coarsely
1/2 tsp. cardamom powder
4 tbsp. ghee


1. Heat half ghee in pan, add flour
2. Let it cook till light brown
3. Empty, keep aside.
4. In same pan, add remaining ghee, add jaggery, mix.
5. Cook till all jaggery has melted to a smooth paste.
6. Do not overcook or soonth will become hard.
7. Remove from fire, add all ingredients
8. Mix very well. Cool to room temperature.
9. Store in moistureproof container, pressing down lightly while filling.
10. The mixture should be crumbly, chewy and dry.

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