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Healthy Recipes for the Carb Conscious Mommy

Indian food is filled with rich flavors and decadent spices that make it difficult to resist. But as a mom, you want the best for your kids, and one way you are helping to train them early on with good dietary habits is to limit the number of carbs they are eating. This can sometimes be a difficult task when it comes to Indian food. With the delicious taste of the Naan bread, and the addition of rice to each meal, it can be difficult to watch you and your family’s carb intake while dining on this particular type of food.

Healthy%20Kids%20Recipes - Healthy Recipes for the Carb Conscious Mommy

The next time your family has decided to visit the restaurant, consider these important tips to indulge in this food while still being conscious of the carb intake.

  • Appetizers – Before you sit down to the largest portion of the meal, fill up on some of the salad that is usually offered at the start of the buffet line or on the menu. This salad, while a carbohydrate, is usually only made up of lettuce, tomato and cucumber and has spices on it that will tickle your taste buds, fill up your stomach, and make you less likely to indulge in the more carb intensive dishes for your entrée. Some restaurants also offer their diners light shrimp or seasoned scallops to start their meal. These are high in protein and can also help fill you up so you are less likely to eat as many carbs from the buffet line or entree.
  • Choose a soup – Soups are another great way to start a meal, or to eat as a meal. In the Indian culture, there are many soups that are suitable for carb conscious families. Choose soups that are ginger based for a rush of spice on the palate, or coconut based for a creamer texture. The chefs will inevitably fill these soups with tantalizing spices to satisfy your appetite for this cuisine. As you are choosing your soup, just be sure to steer clear of any that contain potatoes or rice which will help limit your carb intake.
  • High Protein Dishes – Indian food frequently uses fish, poultry and lamb in their main dishes, which means it is difficult to go wrong as long as you turn away from high sugar sauces. As you scour the menu or the buffet line in search of low carb options look for Saag Gosht, which is a dish with lamb and spinach. Milagu Curry is another spice filled dish of lamb, tomatoes, onions, and coconut sauce. One of the most famous dishes in the Indian cuisine and one that is perfect for carb conscious mommies is Tandoori Chicken. This spicy chicken can be paired with a mint or mango chutney, or simply enjoyed on its own.
  • Go Green – Vegetables are another great way to fill up on this spicy food without overloading you or your family on carbs. Instead of pairing your meat with rice, put it with some vegetables to dramatically lower the number of carbs in your meal and increase your nutritional intake. Try to add a coconut and vegetable dish to your meal, such as the coconut curried vegetables, to help your body increase the absorption of nutrients. You may also want to try the Paya, which is a vegetable dish sautéed in curry and mustard seeds. Saag Paneer is another very common dish that is spinach mixed with cheese making it a great protein dish to fill up on with rich leafy vegetables that are low on carbs.

Indian food is a popular cuisine all over the world. For women who want their children to experience the flavors of this cuisine without overindulging on the less nutritious rice and naan bread, try these recipes instead for a low carb meal.

Kids%20Health - Healthy Recipes for the Carb Conscious Mommy

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