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Top 5 Foods to Avoid

Which food around us is harmful for our health? Which food cannot be taken too much? Below, authoritative experts in England make a careful analysis. To have a much healthier life, spend a few minutes and know the top 5 foods that you should not consume too much.

Top 1: Man-Made Butter

Man Made%20Butter - Top 5 Foods to Avoid

In 1869, chemist Mouries invented a substitute for butter, which is easier to be kept. Yes, it refers to man-made butter. Napoleon III has ever presented an award for him. There are many sweet names for it, such as plant creamer, vegetable fat powder, shortening and margarine. However, it easily causes diseases like glycuresis, arteriosclerosis, and neoplasm. As experts suggest, biscuit, bread, chocolate, salad dressing, cream cake, ice cream, pearl milk tea and coffee all carry dense fatty acid. Just take a little please.

Top 2: Gourmet Powder

Gourmet%20Powder - Top 5 Foods to Avoid

A Japanese scientist invented gourmet powder in 1908. Since that time, food became much more delicious. But actually, gourmet powder is a kind of chemical spice. Main component in it is sodium glutamate, which can resolve and become something to restrain your nerve. To take too much gourmet powder may cause various nerves in your body to be restrained. You may experience dizziness, headache or even pull out a tendon. Advised by experts, we can take less gourmet powder. There should be less than 0.5 milligram in each dish. After adding spice into the dish, don’t add gourmet powder again. Aside from this, less salt should be consumed too.

Top 3: Canned Meat Product

Canned%20Meat%20Product - Top 5 Foods to Avoid

Meat came out in 1937. Canned meat was sold about 60 billion per year in England. This definitely proved the popularity of this kind of food. But do you know the content of nitrite in it? This material is always used as coloring agent or preservative. Take too many nitrite, you may be poisoned, headache, throw up, stomachache etc. In this case, you are not recommended to take too many canned products. On the contrary, try fresh meat or cook it by yourself, rather than heading to cooked meat.

Top 4: Fried Chicken

Fried%20Chicken - Top 5 Foods to Avoid

The first Kentucky Fried Chicken was found in 1952. Saturated fatty acid is detected in this kind of food. To make sure the food still tastes good, the cook will use palm oil or fatty acid, which easily causes diseases on the cardiovascular. Aside from this, the oil used to fry the food will be used for 5 to 7 days. There will be much harmful elements in it. At last, vitamin in fried food will lost a lot. Therefore, you had better also take some food with rich vitamin or vegetables with antioxidant, such as lotus root, rape, cowpea, kiwi fruit and citrus.

Top 5: Bowled Instant Noodles

Bowled%20Instant%20Noodles - Top 5 Foods to Avoid

In 1971, instant noodles were invented in Japan and then exported to other countries. Too much polystyrene is contained in this kind of food. This element will produce some items to cause cancer after the temperature reaches 65 degree. Aside from this, lots of additives and preservatives are added into it. Rather low vitamin and mineral substances are contained in it. In this case, you cannot take instant noodles too frequently. Even though you buy bowled instant noodles, cook it please. While eating, it’s better to also take some vegetables and foods with rich protein. For example, cucumber, tomato etc can be taken.

Author Bio: It’s a must to pay close attention to what you eat every day. This is more important for your kids undoubtedly. Except finding comfortable costumes for your kids, these also need your notice. Katherine from is a devotee for healthy lifestyle. She will share more with us later.