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Tomato Delicacies


Tomatoes are loaded with many, many health benefits. In fact, they are incredibly versatile and can be prepared in a seemingly endless number of dishes, as well as being great to eat alone. Did you know, they even called it the love apple in ancient times and believed that whoever ate it were to be struck by Cupid?

Tomatoes are good for your skin, they help prevent cancer with the precious lycopene an anti-oxidants and are good for your heart too because they reduce the incidence of strokes. It is also good for your eyes, kidneys and the chromium levels in tomatoes help in controlling diabetes.

With all these virtues extolled of tomatoes, do you think you can keep away from these delicious tomato recipes which we are going to feature in this post? No? Ok, come on, click away these links.

Tomato DelicaciesTomato rice, the dish famous in both North and

South India has so many versions with us. Check out the international Spanish Tomato rice. For a spicier tongue with Indian origin, you should cook up some tomato rice with spring onions or Capsicum and tomato rice. You could prepare fried rice with tomatoes too. And we also have a microwave version of the famous tomato rice.

For health freaks we have salads and soups made from tomato. Let us start with the plain old Tomato soup and then go on the variants. For a tangier version we have tomato coriander soup. The cream of tomato soup has had the maximum hits of all tomato recipes. For carrot lovers, you could make a soup of tomato and carrots such that both the tastes stand out. How could we not have a tomato soup which is not microwaveable? If you have your own tomato soup recipe, write to us about it and try it with our tomato soup masala powder.

We have a pizza tomato sauce which kids just adore. And we also have a home made tomato puree recipe which is an absolute must for that tangy taste in sabjis, side dishes and gravies.

Vegetables in tomato gravy, potato and tomato curry and the famous tomato kurma are just a few tomato side dishes. Golbhenda ko pakaeko achar is a unique Nepalese tomato dish.

Among chutneys prepared with tomato, fresh tomato and onion chutney is very popular. Spicy tomato chutney is yet another regular on our site. Tomato coriander chutney, tomato chili chutney, tomato raisin chutney, sesame flavored tomato chutney, cashew tomato chutney are just a few popular varieties of chutneys prepared from tomato.

Tomato and cucumber salad is a very popular salad which can be whipped up in just over three minutes. Mushroom stuffed tomatoes and Baked and stuffed tomatoes are a great delicacy to be served during parties. Kerala style tomato dal and tomato avial are two delectable tomato dishes from Kerala. Tomato perugu pachadi, yet another delicacy served for lunch in Andhra Pradesh is very tasty and spicy.

Did you know, you could prepare that tomato sauce at home itself without harmful coloring agents and chemicals and preservatives. Know how? Check this link for a great sauce to whip up.

Kids just love this red tomato squash.

Sambar and rasams of

South India cannot be left out. We have tomato and mint sambar, tomato chilli rasam, lemon and tomato rasam and of course a very delicious tomato raita to accompany you for lunch.

How can we end this post without a mention of the spicy tomato thokku and world famous tomato utthappam? You just should check it out!

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