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12 steps to go ORGANIC in 2012


Do you know what goes into the food that goes into your mouth?
Well, if you think it was just vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and the
regular nutritional mumbo-jumbo, you are in for a surprise to know the actual
types of chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides.

Also don’t forget about the cocktail of antibiotics and
hormones that cattle and poultry are force fed. So, the solution – go for
organic foods.

What is organic food basically? Here is your answer.

Organic FoodOrganic foods are those crops which are grown with ‘healthy’ manures. No
fertilizers, chemicals and artificial additives are added. It is a natural farming,
done the natural way as per the ancient methods. The soil also stays fertile
this way. It is not infected with chemicals. Animals remain animals if they are
bred organically. They behave like animals since they are housed with adequate
living space. They are fed the natural diet ajd not goaded with hormones and
antibiotics and tonics.

The most common tangible benefit in this case is tasty food. There is a
unique flavor to the food which can only be tasted and not explained with
words. It sure will kindle memories of the food you tasted when you were a
child visiting the farm of your grandparents.

Now, what about the environmental effects of organic food? Need we speak
about the soil remaining clean, the rivers devoid of the chemical waste and the
positive effects on people working on organic farms? A more balanced ecosystem
is on the way along with organic farming.

Earth worms are the friends of the soil, they say. More farming related
worms and insects are introduced in the soil. They create a better balanced

This New Year, make a resolution to change into an organic diet. It is very
easy. It is cost efficient in the long run. Think of all the detrimental effects
of eating non-organic food in the long run. So, how do we go about it? For the
twelve months in this year, make one small adjustment to tweak yourself
organically. Below are 12 points for the 12 months of 2012 for a more organic
healthy lifestyle

  1. Firstly,
    make a resolution to go organic. Speak about it to all your friends. Browse and
    find out outlets which grow and sell organic food. Check out prices, try to incorporate
    organic foods in your diet. Feel how you feel about this decision.
  2. Get
    one organic vegetable or food or fruit into one of your meal everyday. It could
    be a tiny snack of an apple, or a bunch of parsleys which you garnish your
    dishes with, it could be just a tiny lemon which you squeeze out into lemonade.
  3. Now,
    let us extend this. Plan a organic meal. An entire salad or bread with whole
    grains grown organically. Plan on planting and gardening. Give this some
    thought. The produce which you get is organic. If you are living in apartments,
    just plant a bunch of parsleys. A lemon sapling, an onion plant, a turmeric sapling.
    The ideas is endless. Just think of all this.
  4. Now
    in this step, you actually go in and implement your idea. Get your plant, and
    if you have a lot of place, go completely organic and cultivate these. But you
    can also go for smaller plants in pots beside your balcony which you can water
  5. Start
    organic compost. If you are not going to use pesticides and chemicals on your
    plants, you need to think of other manures.
  6. Drink
    lots of water, which is the most organic food no one can alter.
  7. Harvest
    your plants. Think of ways to preserve excess produce. Canning, pickling and other
    ways of organically preserving your food can be browsed and experted upon.
  8. Incorporate
    other organic aspects in your lifestyle. Use organic cleaners in your house, organic
    ‘cosmetics’ and expand this. Shampoos, soaps, floor cleaners, think more!
  9. Review
    your organic diet plan. Can more tweaks be done to convert yourself organic
  10. Organic
    herbal supplements for various minor common ailments could also be thought
    about. Basil leaves gives temporary relief for cold and cough.
  11. Talk about organic
    foods and farming to a friend and make them think organic.
  12. Gift an organic
    gift during the Christmas season.

This is about a healthier you, widening out into a healthier society and a
healthier country and healthy planet. We love you; we value your health, love
us back and go organic!

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