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Summer Special for Kids!


I asked my son this morning, “What shall we have for breakfast”?

Prompt was his answer, Ice creams”.


“Excuse me, but you cannot have ice creams for breakfast”, said I.

“Oh, then perhaps, some cakes and pastries, he insisted again.

Well, that was not possible either. But I sensed that he wanted some fun breakfast and not the regular idli, dosa, vada stuff.

So, I sat down thinking. What could I do to make all this fun? I racked my brains. Have you had such days when you were totally at a loss and did not know what to do? And then, who came to your rescue?Kids Special

Oh, yes, awesome cuisine came to my rescue too. I logged onto our favorite cuisine website and checked to see if they had something fun for kids. And yes, they had. Awesome cuisine has devoted an entire section for kids. Did you know that? So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out here. Pinwheel Sandwiches, Sandwich toast, Corn salad, Chapathi rolls, Cheese potatoes, Baked spring roll, Vegetable rawa upma and Vegetable patties are excellent breakfast ideas which could be fun and different from the routine. There is so much to choose from. I think one on each day of the summer holidays would be appropriate. After all, there are at least 40 different recipes to choose from. So, why choose? Make one everyday.

And if kids put their heart into fun, we know how it could be. They would want it to be fun the whole day and you would need lunch to be fun and snacks to be fun and dinner to be fun. And moms would want all of these to be nutritious and healthy. This tug-of-war could become weary.

Lunch? What are you waiting for? Have pizza the healthy way prepared at home. The magic word, “pizza”, and you have a well behaved, quiet kid. Check out the recipe here at the kids section.

There is also Mixed Fruit Crackle, Fruit and Nut Bars, Corn Bhel, Strawberry Yoghurt crunch for that lazy snack while playing indoor games. These can also be used as quick and healthy desserts. And they would need to sip from, wont they? Fruit juices, Squashes, Crushes, lassis, smoothies, milkshakes and the list are endless at Awesomecuisine. You should also check for some latest ideas here Summer Thirst Quenchers. And there are some exotic drinks too in our beverage section like Ginger Honey Drink, Tamarind Cooler, Jal jeera, Mango Rabri, Kiwi Sorbet and much much more. Prepare and keep ample chilled drinks. Kids never need feel thirsty.

Now, if your child is one with a very strong memory and has still not forgotten his initial ice-cream and cakes request, you should really oblige him/her. And it is so easy, I realized after becoming a fan of Awesomecuisine. This Sunday, I prepared Refreshing Sundae ice-cream, the recipe for which is available here. And for some healthy nutritional intake, the plan is that I would prepare some Fruit Icecream medley. My mouth watered after reading out the recipe here. Kids love orange, strawberry, banana, grapes, don’t they? And if your child loves certain other fruits too, then this is the right time to add them all to this Fruit Ice-cream Medley and make your own customized ice cream. And of course like you always do, send us your latest recipes and we will add it to our recipe section with all due credits to you.

Are you traveling to theme parks, picnics, beaches or anywhere else this summer? Are you shelling out lots of the rupaiyas? Why? I would like to suggest these healthy and easy to prepare snacks to carry on the go instead of purchasing expensive snacks. You could make Chocolate Brownies, Swiss Roll, Vegetable Mini Pizzas, Corn Bhel or Coleslaw and wrap it neatly in foil and pack in a smart tiny box. Carry them in your backpack. Carry a thermos of chilled beverage and enjoy your vacation frugally.

Ah, do not buy those packed biscuits if you can afford the time to prepare them at home. We have devoted an entire section to cookies. Kids just love home made cookies. Cashew Cookies, Peanut Cookies, Easy Biscuits and Sugar Cookies are an instant hit with ten year olds.

And now, a record statistic – a tiny revelation. We have over 100 cake recipes here. And all of these recipes get scores of hit everyday. I recommend you to check out Milk Cake, Cashew Cake and Fudge Rolls. They were an instant hit in my friend’s party. You would really be missing something if you do not try Date and Walnut Cake. It is heavenly on your tongue.

I am sure you want your kids to have a memorable and joyful summer vacation. What best way than to tickle their taste buds in the healthiest way. If you need more ideas and tips, you know what to do. Write to us. And if you have a very picky and choosy eater, let us know his favorites, we would dish out customized healthy recipes for his specific palette.

Summer translates to fun in our part of the world.

And fun translates to tasty snacks for kids.

So, have fun and make merry this summer.

Kids, make your mamas prepare all these recipes for you.


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