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  • Paneer Know How

    Paneer Know How

    There are many types of cheese that are made in India on a small scale but Paneer is the only cheese which can be compared to Western cheese in terms of texture.

  • Spices


    Spices are the key to Indian cooking and curries. It is worth becoming familiar with the main spices which are in most dishes as well as the optional spices which can often be the 'hidden' secret ingredient in a favourite dish.

  • Herbs


    Herbs are less essential to Indian cookery than spices, however they do play an important role and can be the crucial missing ingredient in some dishes.

  • Onion – The Kitchen Herb

    Onion – The Kitchen Herb

    Onion is known for its nutritional value and for the utility as herbal medicine in our country. It has moderate amounts of protein, fat, fibre and good amounts of calcium, phosphorous and potassium.

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