Paneer Know How

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1. There are many types of cheese that are made in India on a small scale but Paneer is the only cheese which can be compared to Western cheese in terms of texture.
2. Good paneer can be made from milk which contains 5 % more fat than normal milk. Therefore, buffalo milk is more suitable for preparing paneer.
3. To coagulate or curdle milk for paneer, add citric acid or lime juice to heated milk.
4. Strain the curdled milk through a muslin cloth and squeeze out all the whey.
5. Chenna is the most popular form of cheese that is prepared in Indian homes and used generously in cooking and confectioneries like rosogullas and sandesh.
6. If you want to cut paneer into a particular shape then place the paneer in a rectangular tray and it will take that shape while setting. In this way it will be easier to cut into squares, triangles etc.
7. Grated paneer can be used to decorate a simple dish and make it look quite tempting or even a paneer burji can make your breafast more lively.
8. Vegetarian cooking looks and tastes a lot more delicious, as the soft colour of paneer heightens the colours of the other ingredients.
9. Paneer not only looks but tastes delicious as well, no wonder it has carved a niche for itself in the vegetarian world.

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