Benefits of Paneer

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Kids crave for it, oldies love it and so does everyone else.
You might love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it. I am talking about
Paneer! It is one food item which is prepared in the household of every Indian.
For those souls who are still oblivious to such an item existing, Paneer is
Indian Cheese.

It is prepared by boiling whole cream milk and adding acid
or lemon to it to separate the thick contents. When the milk coagulates the
water is removed and pressed to get a block.

All we hear nowadays where everyone is health conscious is
that Paneer is bad for health and it adds on to your calories. For once, let us
look at the positives of this most lovable Indian food item.

Paneer has numerous health benefits attached to it and for your
health freaks out there, it is good to know about these advantages as Paneer is
a treasure trove of nutrition.

 For one, Paneer is
easy to digest. It is actually light on the stomach. What many of you might not
be aware of is the fact that Paneer is high on calcium. This helps in building
strong teeth and bones. Paneer has the health benefit of preventing
osteoporosis, which is a disease which affects the bones which eventually
causes a bone loss. It affects especially the old. Paneer, which is a source of
Calcium is a must for women who have attained menopause and for men above the
age of 65.

Paneer, taken in moderation, actually helps in reducing
weight. So, for all those who are on a strict diet regime and believe that
eating Paneer is a sin, here is a myth which is busted. You could include
Paneer as part of your diet too.

Paneer also has a health benefit of reducing the development
of insulin resistance syndrome. This syndrome is associated with obesity,
hypertension, glucose intolerance and Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Hence, Paneer
is all about tackling the problem of insulin dependent diabetes.

Including Paneer in one’s daily diet not only provides
calcium to your body but also helps to give the benefit of providing the
protein required by the body for growth and renewal. There is also another
interesting aspect to this food item.

An interesting tit-bit about Paneer is that this food item
also has the power of protecting your body against cancer! And an equally
interesting is the fact that this Indian cheese also helps prevent stomach
disorders in people as they grow older.

As you would have realized now, the Indian cheese has a
whole lot of advantages; the prominent one being that it is stacked up with
calcium making your bones stronger and helps men and women as they age against
fragile and breakable bones. Since it promotes strong bones, Paneer also helps
to prevent and reduce back and joint problems.

Apart from all these advantages, there is this one big
reason why you should have Paneer- the taste and the flavor when cooked is one
which you would definitely not want to miss. It can be used in a number of
dishes such as sweets, savories, and in the form of gravies

So, start including this wonderful little food item in your
dishes and Say Paneer instead of Cheese!

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