Different Kinds of Soups

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Clear Soups: These are low calorie soups containing minerals and spices. They help to enhance the appetite.

Cream Soups: Cream soups are a combination of white sauce with a “puree” of vegetables and milk. These provide nourishment and are easily digested. This can be serve to sick and convalescent (recovering from sickness) people to regain their lost strength.

Chowders: These are unstrained soups containing more quantities of vegetables. This can be served as a whole meal and need not be complimented with any other food since this itself contains the minimum required quantities of nutrients and calories. These soups make a good meal for people on diet and for old people to keep their weight under control.

Cold Soups: Generally soups are served very hot. But in tropical countries like India especially during hot summer, people may not like to take hot soups. Soups can also be made as cold soups.

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