Points to note before buying fresh fish

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Fish is the most popular sea food. There are varieties of fish. Fresh water fish are more tastier than sea water fish.

Points to note before buying fresh fish:

  1. The skin should be moist and slippery
  2. A shiny skin with firmly attached scales and bright red mosit gills
  3. The flesh should be firm
  4. The smell should be fresh
  5. Eyes should be crystal clear
  6. It is preferable to use fresh fish as soon as possible. However it can be refrigerated for a day or two. Place the fish in covered dish and refrigerate it. If you have got frozen fish then that can be stored in freezer upto 6 months. Wash and clean the fish throughly before cooking.

Types of Indian and English names of fish:

Rawas: Indian Salmon Fish
Rane: Red Snapper Fish
Gobro: Rock Cod
Rohu: Greas carp Fish
Murdoshi: Lady Fish
Pomfret: Butter Fish; can be substituted with cat fish
Surmai: King Fish
Sangtam: Cat Fish (A fresh water fish)
Shevto: Muliet Fish
Bangda: Mackerel
Sardines: Are small fish
Hilsa Fish: a fresh water fish; can be substituted with cod fish

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