Tips for Eggless Cakes

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  1. Always preheat oven to the required temperature before placing the cake in the oven. 
  2. Prick with a knitting needle or skewer to check if done. The needle should come out clean. 
  3. Never keep the batter to thick. The cake will turn out hard and dry 
  4. The cream used should always be chilled and beaten in sharp upward strokes to incorporate air. Never overbeat. 
  5. While making butter icings, beat the butter well to make it light and fluffy. Then add sieved icing sugar and beat again. Add 2-3 drops lemon juice & colour and essence as required, and beat again. 
  6. Turn the cake tin around between baking if the oven is not distribution even heat and the cake is baking unevenly.

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