The History of Wedding Cakes [Infographic]

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Like many things to do with weddings, the wedding cake is very traditional and goes back a long way. It has of course changed quite dramatically in type, shape and meaning over the years. In times gone by it was considered a symbol of fertility and often pieces were broken over the brides head so that she might be fruitful and have a happy marriage. This was so important during the roman times that a roman man could not stand for a government position unless his mother and father had carried out this part of the wedding ceremony.  Nowadays we have lost the symbolism and the wedding cake is more of a show piece made for decoration and the enjoyment of guests. However it is incredibly interesting to look back over time and see how tastes and fashions have changed. Have a look at the wedding cake timeline on our infographic for more!

History of Wedding Cakes

Vicky works alongside Fiona Cairns who make bespoke wedding cakes. She loves weddings and especially wedding crafts and wedding baking!

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