The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea [Infographic]

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Coffee or Tea? There is a growing body of research to suggest that both are good for you in different ways.


























































Hand in hand with Oxygen, running water and sliced bread is without a doubt tea and coffee. These two addictive steaming hot beverages are consumed morning, afternoon and night, and quite possibly during the early hours when you simply can’t doze off, that kettle will boil and everything seems to make sense again.

Ok, so imagine a time where tea and coffee didn’t exist? Oh the catastrophe! Early mornings would be a disaster, road rage would
sky rocket, punctuality would diminish and those birds tweeting no longer make you feel like Snow White but the Evil Queen. We put our dependency into these hot drinks, whether to unwind or perk up, without these beverages what would we drink!? What could we drink!? The somewhat hilarious notion of the disappearances of these two holy drinks is bizarre. However take a look at this infographic by Policy Expert and you’ll notice, for once, that a human addiction isn’t all that bad after all!

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