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  • Benefits of Tender Coconut Water

    This is an appropriate drink for all age groups, whether young or old, whether it concerns children or old people, it is easy to digest and fun to drink. Drink it by its own or use it in some recipe, it goes well with everything.

  • 20 Facts about Frozen Yoghurt

    Do you need a fabulous and refreshing treat which cools you down like an ice-cream, but with less fat and calories? Then go for frozen yoghurt. The most wonderful aspect about yogurts are that they are the best alternatives available for ice-creams, giving you the same satisfaction but without adding extra pounds to your weight.

  • Tamil New Year – Significance and Recipes

    The Tamil New Year is more popularly called the “Tamil Puthandu”, and is celebrated every year on the 13th or 14th of April in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It marks the first day of the year, according to the Tamil calendar, the beginning of the month of Chittirai.

  • 20 Nutritional and Health Benefits of Papaya

    Papaya is an amazing fruit with loads of benefits. It is extremely delicious and often called the ‘fruit of angels’. Using it on a regular basis keeps you healthy, gives you the nutrition required, and also keeps you fresh and lively

  • Health Benefits of Baby Corn

    Baby corn is basically corn that is harvested earlier. At this point of time, the ears are very small and not fully formed. This miniature size and look causes it to be named as “candle corn” in some of the Thai cookbooks.

  • 10 Popular Vegetarian Biryani and Pulao Dishes

    Rice happens to be a major part of diet in India. Many people think making these delicacies takes a lot of time and energy. Good use of spices and mixing up the rice in an expert manner makes these dishes smell and taste wonderful.

  • Top 10 South Indian Breakfast Dishes

    Start making these dishes at home and make variations according to your likes. Balanced meal at the beginning of the day makes everyone feel good and happy. There is nothing tough in making these South Indian delicacies.

  • Health Benefits of Green Apples

    Green apples have an excess of soluble fiber in them over red counterparts and the sugar content is 0.98 grams lesser a piece on an average. The antioxidant content in green apples is higher which makes the eater less vulnerable to an array of terrible cancers.

  • Celebrate the Festival of Navratri

    Navratri marks the divine occasion of invoking the blessings of the nine forms of Goddess Durga through nine days characterized by the intense religious fervor and observance of rituals prescribed by the scriptures.

  • 10 Health Benefits of Apple

    Apple is packed with a range of health benefits. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, America recommends that every individual should necessarily eat one apple every day to steer clear of a number of terminal ailments. Always choose the freshest apple from the grocery shop and try to eat it fresh so that you can assimilate the maximum amount of apple's inherent nutrients.

  • Health and Nutritional Benefits of Guava

    Guava is a treasure trove of nutrients. Guavas can be eaten raw or after they ripen. Find more about the health and nutritional benefits of Guava.

  • Special Recipes for Paryushan Parva

    Paryushan, Festival of Forgiveness, is the most important festival of Jains. It is a festival of endurance, meditation and sacrifice to attain salvation. Jains do not eat any root vegetable during this period.

  • Eid ul Fitr (Ramadan) Special Recipes

    Eid ul Fitr or the "festival of fast breaking" is the most popular of all Muslim festivals. Add some charm to this holy time with some special recipes for Ramadan.

  • All About Spinach

    Health benefits and Nutritional facts of Spinach. Spinach is a potent food that potentially saves you from the entire array of ailments affecting the seamless functioning of your body constituents.

  • Foods to Boost Hemoglobin Count

    The Hemoglobin level in the blood should be safely maintained at around 12.5 g/dl. Hemoglobin levels commonly encounter a drop when you subsist on low iron diet, frequently donate blood or blood loss owing to the menstrual cycle.

  • The International Mango Festival

    The International Mango festival is a grand way of celebrating India's age old association with this king of fruits. The festival was first organized in 1987 and since then it is regularly held annually in the early summer and span for two days.

  • 25 Delicious Dishes of South India

    The taste & variety of South Indian food seem to astound us! They encourage our taste buds to enjoy perfect and irresistible flavors, typical of the South Indian soil.

  • Seafood Cuisine of India

    India’s seafood includes various fish, prawn, crab and oyster. Seafood is a much favored staple diet for the Indians living not only in coastal areas but in all other places for the benefits it offers and the good tastes it provides.

  • 20 Popular Paneer Dishes

    Taste, prepare and enjoy the different varieties of paneer dishes and add color to your kitchen and dining table. A list of the popular dishes of paneer, some of which might be familiar to you and some may invite you to try.

  • 20 Popular Biryanis of India

    Indian culinary is always associated with the name Biryani and there is almost no festivity in India without the delicious aroma of any kind of biryani encompassing the whole ambience.

  • The Benefits and Nutritional Values of Ghee

    Ghee is that yellow fluid which you get on melting butter after the milk solids are removed.Ghee possesses fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A D and E. It also helps absorb the vitamins from the food taken.

  • Lip Smacking Ice Creams

    An entire array of delectable and quality ice creams in the aforesaid range is available, the delicious taste of which is sure to linger in everyone's memory that is an ice-cream buff. Silky, delicious ice creams that melt in your mouth and offer divine pleasure are up for grabs. It is a daunting task to pinpoint top picks, but five most popular choices have been shortlisted over here to make you start slurping the scrumptious sundaes.

  • Yummy Lassi Varieties

    Lassi, the luscious Indian beverage is prepared by commingling yogurt with salt, spices and water until it gets frothy. You can also prepare your own Lassi flavors, as this versatile drink offer enough scope for experimentation.

  • Flavours of Mexico

    Mexico has a host of flavours to offer to the gastronomist looking for a mouth-watering romp across its exciting landscape. The article attempts to provide insights into the prominent flavours that contribute to gourmet Mexican dishes.

  • 10 Common Cooking Mistakes

    You can avoid common cooking mistakes by being an informed and conscious culinary expert. Avoid these 10 common cooking mistakes and make great food.