Blog Posts by Vaijayanthi Srinivasan

  • All about Saffron

    All about the history of Saffron, uses of Saffron including health benefits, its importance and cultivation of Kashmir saffron varieties.

  • The Good Mood Food – Eating Right for Feeling Right

    Can food really influence your mental state and performance? There are certain types of food that make us feel good about ourselves, cheer us up and even help us fall in love.Doctors, nutritionists and psychiatrists all say that eating patterns can impact on your mood in more ways than you can realise.

  • Yummy Yogurt

    Dahi or curd (or yogurt as the West calls it) is not just wholesome, it is also very versatile, and has always been an essential part of the Indian diet. Yogurt is much easier to digest than milk and easier on the stomach for those who are lactose intolerant, and cannot consume dairy products.

  • Some tips on making jangiris

    Useful tips on making the delicious Jangiris – an authentic sweet from Tamilnadu.

  • Points to note before making sugar syrup

    Making sugar syrup – its consistency is a very important factor for making sweets. The consistency should be just right otherwise the end product will not be good.