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  • 20 Navratri Sundal Varieties to Surprise Your Family

    Navaratri is a festival of nine nights and 10 days. Sundals are an integral part of Navratri celebrations. A variety of Sundal recipes are made each day. These are offered as prasadam to the deities and guests who come to see the “Golu (dolls)”.

  • When is the right time to eat?

    We all know how imperative it is to develop knowledge about the food that we add to our diet in order to stay healthy. But it turns out when you eat is equally as significant as what you eat. Though, human body is not an actual chronometer, it does have an internal time cycle system […]

  • 6 Health Benefits of Paneer

    The best and most common cheese of India, paneer was first used in the Middle East. It was introduced in the Indian Cuisine by Persian and Afghan rulers in the 16th Century. A hundred years later, Portuguese processed paneer by breaking milk with acid. Nowadays, paneer is the highest selling cheese in India. In fact, […]

  • 31 Cooking Tips to Make Your Foods Healthier

    Everyone wishes to eat fresh and healthy food. However, we ignore some basic aspects while cooking and deteriorate the quality of the cooked food. Here are some of the healthy cooking tips that you can follow: Include sprouts and lentils in your cooking preparations as they are high in protein. Use green veggies also as […]

  • 13 Steps to Become a Master Chef at Home

    It is essential to follow certain safety rules while cooking. Hygiene is a must to ensure that cooked food is healthy and safe to eat. Moreover, you also need to take care of yourselves as cooking also involves the use of sharp tools and heavy equipment. These are some of the rules that you can […]

  • 11 Healthy and Low Fat Cooking Tips

    Modern cooking is not only about taste and presentation but most cooks also prefer cooking healthy and low-fat recipes these days. However, you need not be a master chef to prepare healthy and low-fat meals as there are numerous simple tips that you can follow to cook light and health-friendly recipes. Here are some simple […]

  • 11 Tips for Cutting Vegetables

    Cutting vegetables, fruits or any other food material is a basic step in the cooking process. Sharp objects like knives and cutters are used in this process and hence we have to be careful while using them. Also, these tools should be kept clean at all times since they come in direct contact with the […]

  • Simple Tips for Making Dry Flours

    Dry flours are required to prepare various dishes and preparations in Indian cuisine. We see a flour mill or shop in every nook and corner across India. Their main purpose is to provide convenience to the people who are unable to grind grains on their own. Different types of grains such as rice, wheat, pearl […]

  • 4 Tips for Cooking Rice Perfectly

    It is frustrating to eat rice when it gets sticky, hard or dry after cooking. There are different types of rice available in the market and each one requires a different amount of water and cooking time. A perfect way to cook the rice is the absorption method which works quite well for all types […]

  • 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Naans and Rotis

    Naans and rotis are a staple diet of North Indians but the popularity of these Indian versions of bread has given them a wide acceptance across the country. Naans are less popular in the central and southern parts of India whereas rotis are eaten in most of the households. Naans are mostly made on special […]

  • 10 Tips to Make Paneer at Home

    Paneer, also known as Indian cottage cheese is a popular form of cheese in India and it is used in a variety of cuisines as well. The soft yet chewable texture of paneer makes it one of the most lovable items in Indian recipes so much so that it is often used in marriage treats […]

  • 4 Tips for Making Batters

    Batters are the crucial components of a variety of South Indian dishes such as idlis, dosas, appam, uthappam, etc. A cook has to be careful while selecting the proportion of the ingredients used in the batter since each of the ingredients brings its own flavor to the recipe. Nowadays, electric mixers and grinders are used […]

  • 8 Useful Tips for Making Idli

    Idli is one of the most loved of the South Indian dishes in India and is readily served in most of the restaurants and hotels across the country. Homemade idlis are the best since they can be consumed while they are still hot, fresh and spongy. They are paired with coconut chutney (or any other […]

  • 8 Tips for Eggless Cake Baking

    A fluffy and creamy cake is what we all love to dig into every time our sweet tooth have a craving. However, vegetarians and vegans only eat eggless cakes for obvious reasons. Here are some tips that you can use to make delicious and spongy eggless cakes: Absence of eggs in the batter can make […]

  • 10 Tips to Make Healthy Salads at Home

    Aren’t you bored of munching the regular homemade salads which taste the same every time? There is no need to worry now as we are revealing some simple tricks that will redefine the taste of your homemade salad and make it taste like the one which is prepared at a restaurant. Here are those simple […]

  • Tips for Making Pickle at Home

    A pickle can be a saving grace in a dull and plain tasting meal. However, there is a right method to prepare pickle mixes which you need to adhere in order to keep them fresh, spicy and tangy for a long time. Here are some of the best tips for making pickle at home for […]

  • Ice Cream Making Tips

    Making ice-cream at home is a fun process as the end result is always delicious and fresh. Moreover, you can add your own touch by exploring various methods and by adding different ingredients. However, getting a perfect texture and firmness to the ice cream can be the trickiest part. These are the techniques and tips […]

  • 4 Essential Fresh Herbs You Should Use

    Herbs are not frequently used in Indian cuisines as compared to the spices. However, they do have their own importance as herbs bring a unique flavor to many dishes which might be missing from your recipes. Different kinds of herbs can be finely chopped and added to the curry while cooking.

  • Essential Indian Spices You’ll Need

    Typically, spices made from ground seeds or dried plants and roots. For example, cumin powder is made from ground cumin seeds, ginger powder from dried ground root ginger, chili powder from ground dried chilies and so on.

  • Onion – The Kitchen Herb

    Onion and its stalk have the capacity to prevent and treat certain illnesses. Onions can also be used as a stimulant and mild counter-irritant. Crushed raw onion can be applied on the forehead to get relief from headaches.

  • Do Our Bodies Need Water?

    Do you want to know how important it is to stay hydrated? Well, then let us walk you through a little scientific detailing. All human body parts are made up of some percent of water. According to H. H. Mitchell, a human heart and brain is made up of 73% of water, our skin holds […]

  • The history and significance of Sakkarai Pongal

    With Thai Pongal around the corner, it’s time to learn about the significance behind the Sakkarai Pongal recipe, which is made exclusively for the Pongal festival.

  • 10 Popular Indian Recipes This Winter

    We are constantly battling the cold by munching on a steaming cup of our favourite food. Besides satisfying your cravings, it’s necessary for you to keep your body warm throughout this cold season.

  • 11 Reasons to Avoid Sugary Drinks

    This is not the first time you are warned about sugary drinks. For some, sugary drinks are an occasional interest when their temptation rises; while for others, they are a daily addiction.

  • Lavazza Il Mattino Vivace Product Review

    If you love coffee and are open to expand your horizons, this is for you. Just try it out. If you are a devout Filter kaapi in a davra drinker, I would still recommend you to try it out (at your own risk).