Star Spangled Spanner Recipe

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Although only half measures of each spirit are used, there are seven layers of them, so this is quite a potent cocktail. It is probably fortunate that after getting your tongue around a couple, you hand will become too unsteady to pour more.


½ measure green Chartreuse, chilled

½ measure triple sec, chilled

½ measure cherry brandy, chilled

½ measure crème violette, chilled

½ measure yellow chartreuse, chilled

½ measure blue Curacao, chilled

½ measure brandy, chilled


1. Pour the green Chartreuse into a chilled champagne flute, then, with a steady hand, gently pour in the triple sec to make a second layer.

2. Gently add the cherry brandy to make a third layer, the crème violette to make the fourth, the yellow Chartreuse to make the fifth and then Curacao to make the sixth.

3. Finally, float the brandy on top.

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