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  • Art of Complimenting Your Food with the Right Drinks!

    Have you ever thought about pairing your everyday meals with the right drinks? While most people often make the mistake of thinking they can “Drink whatever is available without bothering about the rules”, sometimes just the right combination of food with drinks is capable of lifting an average dining experience to the likes of fine dining!

  • Passionate About Pasta? Cooking it to Perfection is Easier Than You Think!

    A delicious plate of pasta is the ultimate comfort food and can most certainly come to your rescue on some of those super busy weeknights. Just toss in your favorites, sprinkle some cheese, simmer the sauce, and you are good to go. Even the most finicky eaters wouldn’t shy away from a beloved plate of pasta. Time to take your pasta passion to newer heights!

  • Cocktails That Add Zing To Your Party

    Introducing cocktails can add a zing to your party! Serve a combination of cocktails at your party. You must have the ever popular classics that have been around for ages and a few modern variations that the younger crowd fancies

  • What’s On Your Plate This Valentine’s Day? 8 Drool-Worthy Recipes

    Valentine’s Day is almost here and we are sure you are leaving no stone unturned to make it a special celebration for your loved ones. Well then, what better way to make someone feel loved and pampered than by serving delicious food to display your affection? Try these simple yet easy recipes to give your […]

  • When your Date is a Worldly Classics Cocktail!

    “How would you fancy a cocktail date?” This was how I was invited by my partner. “What? A cocktail party, you say?” I clarified. “No, a cocktail tasting and review.” I have done a few reviews in the short span that I have been reviewing stuff. But a cocktail tasting and review? This was a […]

  • How Are You Breaking Your Fast Today? Choose From Top 10 Breakfast Recipes

    “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper”. Breakfast foods are great sources of vital nutrients such as iron, vitamin B, calcium, protein and fibre, apart from providing us with the much-needed energy.

  • 4 Course New Year Party Menu: Fuss-Free Recipes for Every Palate

    The countdown to the New Year has begun and we are sure 2 things are on top of your mind – the New Year party and New Year resolutions. Speaking of the party, getting the menu right is of prime importance. After all, no one wants to begin a New Year with food that’s unappetizing or simply boring!

  • India’s 10 Most Popular Whiskey Brands

    India is the world’s third largest consumer of whiskey after China and Russia, and here we bring you a list of the 10 most popular whisky brands available in India.

  • Top 8 Festive, Yet Foolproof Christmas Recipes from Across the World

    The Christmas meal on a Christmas day is truly special. Although there are a whole lot of variations on how a Christmas meal should be prepared depending on which part of the world you are in, pick and try your favorite traditional dishes from the above list for a genuine and true feeling of Christmas celebrations.

  • Six Popular Variations of Chicken Biryani

    Everyone loves chicken biryani, but most of us take a step back when it comes to preparing the dish due to its long and tedious process. But take our word for it – once you know and learn the right method, biryani is such an easy, quick and enjoyable recipe that there’ll be no stopping you!

  • Over 20 Years, 530 Combinations, and an Incredible Scottish Legend: Cheers to 100 Pipers!

    It is not every day that you hear soothing music like that of a piper playing when you sip on a glass of whisky.  But if it happens to be a good scotch that is a rare blend of choicest of malts across Scotland, is mature, refined, and well cultivated – you sure are in […]

  • Onam Celebrations: Harvest Health and Happiness

    Let’s take a trip down the history to find what the festival symbolises, its legend, and how best to celebrate it. Decorate your house, dress up in traditional finery, and surprise your loved ones by making a lip smacking lavish feast. Happy Onam to everyone!

  • It’s Time to Say Ganpati Bappa Morya!

    All you should know about Ganesh Chaturthi – History, Recipes, Rituals, and More. While most of us rejoice in the festivities at this time of the year, little do we know about the significance of the festival and how it all started. This year, let’s dive deeper into the history of Ganesh Chaturthi and how it should be celebrated.

  • How India Celebrates Krishna Janmashtami

    You know Janmashtami is around the corner when the air becomes thick with Shri Krishna devotional songs, raas leela pandals come up in key localities, and you see little kids dressed as Krishna and Radha, complete with a peacock feather on their heads. It’s that time of the year again – Hinduism’s favourite god, Shri […]

  • 10 Evidence-Backed Health Benefits of Cinnamon – A Culinary and Medicinal Marvel

    While most of us in India enjoy a dash of cinnamon in our morning tea/coffee, there’s serious reason to consume more of this marvellous spice on a daily basis.

  • Italian Food is All About the Passion. Do You Have It In You?

    Food is integral to Italian culture and Italians are proud of their food and wine heritage – chat up one and he is sure to tell you their family way of cooking a special dish, how they pair it, and enjoy it together.

  • Say Cheese to these 7 Popular Varieties

    Indians are devouring factory processed as well as local made cheese with a passion. We now have a variety of cheese – home grown as well as imported lining supermarket shelves across Indian cities. Here’s a look at 7 popular cheese varieties.

  • Get Heart Smart – What to Eat to Lower Your Cholesterol

    Your choice of food can go a long way in doing that – it is the best medicine for a healthy heart. Here’s a list of top 7 cholesterol fighting indian foods that should find a place in your plate sooner than later.

  • Top 20 New Year Mocktails

    Try these mocktails at home and make something interesting at the New Year party. These are suitable for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with medical conditions coming in the party.

  • Top 10 New Year Cocktails

    New Year is the time to throw parties and have guests coming in the house. Drinks must be present in style to compliment the food served on the table. No party will be complete without wonderful cocktails.

  • Tips for the Perfect Christmas Dinner

    Making a Christmas dinner can be a stressful activity even for those who have done it many times before.
    Here are a few simple tips for the perfect, stress-free Christmas dinner.

  • Pimp My Rice by Nisha Katona – Book Review

    Rice is also the staple food of South India, in-fact it is the staple food of 50% of the world’s population. There are plenty of dishes – vegetarian and non-vegetarian – that have been passed down from generation to generation and the list continues to grow with the addition of modern twist to many of these classic dishes.

  • 26 Navratri Sundal Varieties to Surprise Your Family

    Navaratri is a festival of nine nights and 10 days. Sundals are an integral part of Navratri celebrations. A variety of Sundal recipes are made each day. These are offered as prasadam to the deities and guests who come to see the “Golu (dolls)”.

  • Top 20 Popular Recipes for Onam Sadhya

    Onam Sadhya is traditionally a vegetarian feast that can have upto 26 home-made dishes and is served traditionally on a Plantain leaf. Here are some of the dishes that you can make at home for your own Onam Sadya.

  • Awesome Cuisine wins the Best #UrbanChennai Blog Award!

    On July 11th, 2015, Team echoVME in association with Urban Tree Homes organized their first ever bloggers meet in The Beverley Hotel, Kilpauk. The event was by prior registration and around 100 bloggers participated in the event. The event aimed to provide a platform for bloggers to interact & network, recognize the bloggers community in Chennai and also announce the winners of Urban Chennai Blogger Award!.

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