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  • Health Benefits of Green Tea

    Green tea is made of fresh leaves that aren’t oxidized. Being a less processed form of tea, the goodness of antioxidants and polyphenols in the tea leaves are retained, which would have otherwise been washed off in the process of oxidization.

  • The Eight Major Regional Cuisines of China

    Each cuisine has a distinctive flavour that differentiates it with the rest. Some of them are mild and sweet, while the others are hot spicy, there are also cuisines that taste bland and salty.

  • How to have a good time on Valentine’s Day even if you are single

    What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? If this question drives you mad, then you are probably one among the people out there without a valentine. You do everything possible to escape this question.

  • Romantic dinner ideas for Valentine’s Day

    From newbies, excited to start the journey on a romantic note; to oldies, who are running out of ideas to jazz up their date night; everyone’s racking their brains to find the perfect way to have some romance on the V-Day.

  • 9 Ways to Tackle Fussy Eating Children

    One of the most common issues parents face is – fussy eating. Fret not, you’re not alone. It’s common for kids to show resistance to new or different kinds of food, leaving parents wish that the food bowl miraculously got empty.

  • Lavazza Il Mattino Vivace Product Review

    If you love coffee and are open to expand your horizons, this is for you. Just try it out. If you are a devout Filter kaapi in a davra drinker, I would still recommend you to try it out (at your own risk).

  • 10 Popular Diet Plans to Reduce Weight

    All of us would have painstakingly indulged in workout plans, become a member of the gym or would have starved to death, but wouldn’t have witnessed any positive transformation. A good, healthy diet and the right amount of physical exercise are cardinal to weight loss.

  • Top 10 Christmas Recipes across the World

    December – The Christmas month brings in the air of festivity, jingle of the bells, gift exchange, merry making and most importantly the aroma of the Christmas delicacies.

  • 10 Popular Indian Recipes This Winter

    We are constantly battling the cold by munching on a steaming cup of our favourite food. Besides satisfying your cravings, it’s necessary for you to keep your body warm throughout this cold season.

  • What Makes Atta Maker the Best Bet This Festive Season

    Here are some of the reasons that will convince you about atta kneader being the best bet this festive season. Take a look!

  • Is Your Juice 100% Fruit?

    With heightened awareness among consumers, it is heartening to see companies pay more attention to the health segment with products that promote and support good health.

  • Moderation is the key to good health

    This mantra has been drilled into us and has us parroting it to all others. But, how many of us truly understand it and have taken the effort to know what balanced eating means in the context of our everyday food.

  • Top 10 Beers in India

    With many microbreweries booming at an astonishing rate across the country, the ‘soft’ alcoholic beverage is having an Indian field day!

  • Top 10 Beers of The World

    There are more breweries around the world today than at any other time since 1930. In fact, the global beer market is expected to touch USD 688.4 billion by 2020, growing at a robust CAGR of 6% from 2015-2020.

  • Weave the chocolate bond with your sister this Raksha Bandhan

    Raksha Bandhan – a unique festival that celebrates the most beautiful bond between a brother and sister. It is also an occasion for brothers to indulge their sisters and celebrate their uniqueness.

  • It’s Time to Wrap & Roll! 7 Yummy-licious Recipes for On-the-Go Bites

    One of the simplest and easiest on-the-go snacks, wraps and rolls find their presence on the global food map – various cultures have most willingly experimented with and created their very own versions of wraps and rolls recipes.

  • When Thai Chicken met the Awesome foodie in me!

    5 STAR CHICKEN is a Thai brand that has slowly made inroads in the city of Chennai. If you are someone who loves fast food, pocket friendly prices, high quality food, a need to hangout or buy something “on-the-go”, I would recommend that you give 5 Star Chicken a definite try.

  • Master Chef(ing) with ITC in Chennai

    One of the benefits of being in the food industry is that, one gets many opportunities to taste and experience creativity in food.
    Recently, we went to judge a food contest hosted and organized by ITC.

  • Art of Complimenting Your Food with the Right Drinks!

    Have you ever thought about pairing your everyday meals with the right drinks? While most people often make the mistake of thinking they can “Drink whatever is available without bothering about the rules”, sometimes just the right combination of food with drinks is capable of lifting an average dining experience to the likes of fine dining!

  • Passionate About Pasta? Cooking it to Perfection is Easier Than You Think!

    A delicious plate of pasta is the ultimate comfort food and can most certainly come to your rescue on some of those super busy weeknights. Just toss in your favorites, sprinkle some cheese, simmer the sauce, and you are good to go. Even the most finicky eaters wouldn’t shy away from a beloved plate of pasta. Time to take your pasta passion to newer heights!

  • Cocktails That Add Zing To Your Party

    Introducing cocktails can add a zing to your party! Serve a combination of cocktails at your party. You must have the ever popular classics that have been around for ages and a few modern variations that the younger crowd fancies

  • What’s On Your Plate This Valentine’s Day? 8 Drool-Worthy Recipes

    Valentine’s Day is almost here and we are sure you are leaving no stone unturned to make it a special celebration for your loved ones. Well then, what better way to make someone feel loved and pampered than by serving delicious food to display your affection? Try these simple yet easy recipes to give your […]

  • When your Date is a Worldly Classics Cocktail!

    “How would you fancy a cocktail date?” This was how I was invited by my partner. “What? A cocktail party, you say?” I clarified. “No, a cocktail tasting and review.” I have done a few reviews in the short span that I have been reviewing stuff. But a cocktail tasting and review? This was a […]

  • How Are You Breaking Your Fast Today? Choose From Top 10 Breakfast Recipes

    “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper”. Breakfast foods are great sources of vital nutrients such as iron, vitamin B, calcium, protein and fibre, apart from providing us with the much-needed energy.

  • 4 Course New Year Party Menu: Fuss-Free Recipes for Every Palate

    The countdown to the New Year has begun and we are sure 2 things are on top of your mind – the New Year party and New Year resolutions. Speaking of the party, getting the menu right is of prime importance. After all, no one wants to begin a New Year with food that’s unappetizing or simply boring!

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